Parkour in Gaza

Parkour in Gaza

Parkour in Gaza by Ali Ali

“I took this picture in Khanyonis town in the south of the Gaza Strip, in a graveyard. The subject of parkour attracts me, because it is very rare here and people are not familiar with it. These children are the only team that do this kind of sport. What I was really interested in was showing how they do it, and also how extremely happy they are despite being in a place of death, a graveyard – which seems the only place they can find joy. It is one of my favourite pictures because it is so surprising. It was a lovely moment.” Photograph: Ali Ali/EPA


One thought on “Parkour in Gaza

  1. What a great shot! The shadow against the light, one person halfway between the two, the rest at various energy stages all set with a graveyard. A nexus of life and death.

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