Naomi Klein: Occupy Wall St. helped environmentalist victory

The Obama administration announced it would delay any decision on the building of the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline until 2013, which environmentalists are viewing as a huge victory after over 10,000 people protested at the White House against the proposed plan.

Naomi Klein (skip to 3:15) says the victory might not have happened without the eruption of Occupy Wall St across the country. These are part of the same struggle, she says, as the corporate greed that is being called into question by the Occupy movement is the same greed that has wreaked havoc on our environment. If people are asking what the demands are of Occupy Wall street, what it hopes to accomplish, well this is already a victory. Klein points to a lot of possible directions for the Occupy movement.


“What do we want to build in the rubble of this failed system?”

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